Duopillow Wins AusMumprenuer Awards for Product Innovation

Duopillow Wins Product Innovation Award

Since launching December 2021 duopillow has achieved amazing recognition including two awards in the AusMumprenuer Awards - Gold for Product Innovation and Bronze for the One to Watch.

Why was duopillow created?

Duopillow was designed from a need to support families who bedshare with their kids.  Many believe cosleeping only occurs with infants but there are many reasons family continue or start to bedshare past the age of 2 years old.

As Jo who designed the original cosleeping pillow highlights, many families choose to bedshare as it may be culturally accepted or aligned to attachment parenting.  But for other many families who never thought this would be their path, it becomes a new nighttime routine.  Some kids need extra comfort to fall asleep, starting the bed transition or have extra physical and emotional needs such as child anxiety that make sleeping closer together an easier way for all to get a better night’s rest. 

The pillow has been a winner for many including families with child anxiety or special needs, which does show an increase in cosleeping needs.

Award worthy design

With no product available worldwide the original cosleeping pillow was created.  

Australian designed and made, it’s perfectly balanced for a child and adult to sleep closely together, providing the ultimate comfort for bed sharing.  Using high quality Australian products, with a gentle contour for the adult and a flat low profile for the child, the pillow provides both sleepers with great height, comfort and support. 

Duopillow take bedsharing safety seriously and the pillow has been designed for kids aged two years and above aligning to Red Nose guidelines.

High quality and Australian made

It was important to work with local suppliers to develop a pillow safe for the environment and families.

Duopillow has done this with sustaintable and environmental conscious organisations with materials that families deserve.

The removable outer pillow cover contains luxuriously soft blended Lyocell with adaptive technology, eliminating heat and moisture.

The premium inner core foam is infused with CompriShield a coconut derived element providing protection against the causes of allergies and asthma.

What’s next?

Duopillow is proud and honoured to be supporting a community that deserves to be recognised, normalised and provide a level of comfort that everyone needs when sleeping.

There is a lot of excitement on next steps including retail and export options, but more importantly knowing that people who deserve a good night’s rest can now have it.

Sleep better. Together.