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Kids pillow

Hi, I’m Jo. Creator of duopillow.

Before I had kids, I never thought I’d be a parent that allowed them into my bed at night. I loved my sleep (and still do!) but fast-forward 10 years and three kids later, our sleeping routines didn’t work out as planned. I guess it is always easier when you are parenting those hypothetical children, right?!  

When it came to parenting and sleep routines, I wanted to do the ‘right’ thing. To have the kids in their own beds, self-settling and staying asleep for a solid 12 hours. A restful sleep for everyone, ready to embrace the new day.  

At our house, it wasn’t the case. Despite endless hours of encouragement, ‘big kid’ beds, patting mattresses, dropping day naps, night lights, cuddly toys and many tears, they would have trouble sleeping. Every night we’d have midnight visits from the kids – plus their restless arms and legs – with us sleeping in awkward and uncomfortable positions to accommodate them in the bed.  

I felt guilty that I was doing something wrong. Co-sleeping was a taboo and sleep ‘training’ was encouraged… I didn’t dare to mention it! But deep down, for my family, I knew bed sharing was the way to go.

The upside of bed sharing? The kids slept! And as any parent knows, you need to do whatever it takes to survive sleep deprivation. 

The downside? I wasn’t comfortable. The lack of quality sleep combined with a sore neck wasn’t ideal, so I searched high and low for a co sleep pillow that was designed to support families that co-slept. I realised there wasn’t anything easily available and set about creating the solution myself – the duopillow. 

Through passion, persistence and patience, duopillow has been developed combining comfortable design, functionality, innovation, quality and value for money – each of the things I value whenever it comes to purchasing anything for my family. 

So, it is official. We are a family of co-sleepers. We’ve embraced bedsharing and now enjoy our sleep more than ever – in whatever form it takes. And the cuddles are pretty nice, too! 

I look forward to helping you and your family get a better night’s sleep.

Jo xx