Three Reasons For Cosleeping and Bedsharing With Kids

family bedsharing

For many parents, co-sleeping or bed sharing is considered the last resort when it comes to a bedtime routine for their children. We’re even warned – “don’t bring them into your bed or they’ll never leave!”

Sleep ‘training’ is often talked about as the best method for solving sleep issues but it is far from ideal for many families and children. Cry it out? Surely there’s a better way to get more sleep (and save our sanity too)?

Co-sleeping – sleeping within arm’s reach - or bed sharing with children can be done safely and comfortably and can get you back on track to precious sleep before you know it. Families around the world have had the right idea for generations where bed-sharing is the norm – and that’s just the start!

Here are three great reasons to embrace co-sleeping with kids.


There’s nothing better than cozy cuddles with kids – and it’s good for us too! “Co-sleeping can be a positive thing for all members of a family,” says child and family psychologist and founder of parenting hub Mama Base, Rachel Bridge.

“From infancy and beyond, sleeping close to a caregiver is a biological instinct, regulating both the nervous systems of children and their caregivers and fostering a secure attachment.”

“New parents are often confronted with the harmful message that co-sleeping and bed sharing is reflective of poor parenting choices, and are faced with the difficulty of pushing back against what actually feels natural, comforting and helpful,” says Rachel.


Anthropological researchers have found that when parents and children sleep together, their ‘heart rates, brain waves, sleep states, oxygen levels, temperature and breathing influence one another’.

This regulation and synchronicity can help make for a more restful and longer sleep, plus there are less interruptions responding to kids in other rooms, resettling them in their own beds, plus the precious time for you to get back into a deep sleep.

“Research actually suggests that when caregivers sleep close to their children, and are available for responsive and nurturing caregiving, both child and parent benefit physiologically, relationally and emotionally,” explains Rachel.


The holy grail of parenting – sleep! The importance of getting a good night’s sleep can’t be underestimated, we have more energy, can think more clearly and make better decisions. And the kids? Their behaviour is oh-so-much better!

Lack of sleep is also linked to poor overall health and can impact postnatal mental health, depression and anxiety. So, it’s in our best interest to prioritise good sleep practices.

There might be a few more arms and legs in the bed – we all know kids are well-known for their bedtime acrobatics! – but getting sleep, however it comes, is surely a win. When done safely, co-sleeping and bed sharing can work wonders, keeping families close, connected and recharged ready to take on another day.

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